The Gifting Guide — 3 Easy Gifts for Photo Lovers

December 4, 2020

Let’s face it, finding the perfect gift can be challenging. The gift has to strike the right balance of being creative, thoughtful, personal, timeless (oh and something they’ll actually like). Thus, I’ve created this handy gifting guide so you can be the MVP during the holidays this year.

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  1. Gift card for a photography session
  2. Custom USB with your wedding photos
  3. A timeless heirloom – print, canvas, album
Sam Areman Photo Gift Card

1. Gift card for a photo session or prints

This is a no-fail gift because it works for just about anyone. Someone you know hasn’t taken professional photos in a while (i.e. the last family photo was before the iPhone came out)? Someone who gets yearly photos taken and will definitely need this? Yes and yes.

I also love gift cards from photographers because it gives the recipient some flexibility on how they want to use it. Full portrait session, mini-session, or buying prints from an existing gallery. Plus, they can schedule it around when works best.

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2. Custom USB & Linen Display Box with your wedding photos

This is a favorite of mine for someone who has everything and is also very picky. It’s a GREAT parent gift because they will have lifetime access to your wedding photos and can do whatever they please with them.

Presentation is just as important and that’s why I offer my custom USBs in a beautiful, custom linen box, engraved with your names.

Your online gallery won’t be there forever, make sure you preserve these images in a special and timeless way.

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3. Print, canvas, or album from your wedding

Another favorite gift of mine—to both give and receive—are printed photos, canvases, and albums. There is something about holding a beautiful photo in your hands and having them on display.

Prints are a perfect, timeless option for parent gifts. Are you a parent wanting to get your newlyweds a thoughtful gift? A large canvas of their favorite wedding photo is a great option. Or, you can go above and beyond and gift them an album from their wedding day—sure to last for generations to come.

Click here to purchase an Heirloom Album. For prints and canvases, please visit the print shop in your online gallery.

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